Jalapenos Stuffed BBQ Shrimp

posted by The King

Jalapeno Stuffed BBQ Shrimp



1 lb. of regular sliced bacon (not thick sliced), cut into thirds

1 small can of sliced jalapeno peppers

Large or Jumbo shrimp (un-cooked, peeled & deveined) – enough to match the number of bacon slices you have


Place a slice of jalapeno pepper into the slit down the back of each shrimp.

Wrap a third of apiece of the bacon around each shrimp.

Place the bacon wrapped shrimp on a skewer.

Place the filled skewers on the grill, allowing the bacon to crisp up & the shrimp to cook.

Turn them as needed.

Once each side has crisped a little bit, brush on your favorite BBQ sauce.

Turn & baste as much as you want until cooked to your liking.